Coaching and Planning

We Practice What We Teach

We don’t just consult, educate and sell real estate, we’re investors too. Whether the market is up or down our strategies can produce profits. With our time tested system and in the trenches experience we are able to help the investor buy and sell properties to create cash and wealth with or without the use of credit or money.

Let’s Invest Together

Whether it’s helping you create positive cash flow through rentals, building wealth from appreciating markets or developing real estate cash machines by flipping properties – Black Belt Investors with its proven cash and wealth systems is the #1 investor’s company that can help you get to the next level. Let us help you generate cash and build wealth by investing in your future together.

Coaching Program

Geared towards investors who are building a real estate business, need help with their transactions and desire to move up in ranks. We can help every investor achieve extraordinary results. Learn more…


Wealth Planning

The Success Managers at BBI is focused on providing you with a one-on-one consultation that can and will lead to greater success for your real estate investment portfolio.  Get started now!


Free Strategy Session

Are you looking for some direction? Not sure which path to take? Learn how you can get a free strategy session up to 30 minutes to help bring clarity towards your goals. Schedule your free session today!